MIKE's TOP100 PARTY  11/16/2002

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1:  Mike accepting (left) the honor from Don Goodman by signing the helmet that all the completer's sign
2:  Jerry (left) accepting/signing the helmet
3 & 4:  Group shots
5:  Greg Koenig holding McKenna Feller (can you believe Greg is wearing a tie!)

Back twenty years ago (1982) while just a hiker, I summited my first Top100 peak, Little Annapurna.  However I did not realize what would happen in the coming years.  It was three years later when I did my second peak, St. Helens.  In 1988 I started technical climbing, doing Eldorado and Forbidden as day trips.  The next year I did Rainer, Stuart, and Little Tahoma.  In 1991 I start doing the peaks in earnest after getting the list from Bruce Gibbs.  My best year was 1994, with 26.  My main climbing partners Keith Wilson, Dale Flynn & Peggy Goldman and they were obsessed to get as many as summits possible every weekend too.  As time went on, the summits remaining became shorter and shorter.  I had many great trips and well as many epics.  I would say my best trip was what I call the Inspiration Glacier Traverse, which started at Colonial Cr CC and ended at the Eldorado gravel pit.  I was very luck to get most summits on the first trip.  The most difficult was getting Mox SE (took three tries) and when I summited it I could not see why most feared this summit.  My last peak came on July 6, 2002 with Dorado Needle (took two tries).  People ask me what's next. Well ... I say will just do what I can.  However, my friends may think I am a list driven "nut".  I always have some lists I am working on (Homecourt, Backcourt, Second 100, etc).  As I get older and can't carry (or won't) the heavy loads to technical climb.   I have to wonder what's next too.  I love the Pasaytens and there are many good second 100 peaks scrambles that I will probably seek.  Not to overlook Glacier Peak Wilderness, one of my favorite areas.

My friend Peggy Goldman has hosted parties for the last two (Keith & Billie) to complete the list.  However Peggy moved and had to come up with another location.  Her friend Roy found a wonderful place at the Boulton's (BIG Thanks to Hille & Eddie for hosting and putting up with us).  Between others, the party came together (it's a custom to have a party when someone completes the list).  Jerry Baillie also finished the list and we combined parties.  The invite lists went out to everyone that had anything to do with this list and other friends.  I dragged Kim along with me, but I am not sure she had that much fun since she knew few people (at least some of my friends got to finally meet her after reading about her is my reports).  Peggy said maybe forty would show.  I am not one to attend large events, so I was getting worried (I had no choice in this one).  I was totally surprised when the house packed to the brim.  Afterwards I assembled a list of Attendees (click) as I could remember and with help from others.  I would say over 80 people attended. WOW.

I guess I was warned about a "roast and toast" for me.  I heard Jim Quade was doing it so I figured he could not do much damage.  However that was handed to Don Goodman, who could do damage and had photos to back it up.  Greg Koenig joined in as well and they rehearsed some lines.  On well, I lived, it was fun.  I figured out they planned it in detail when Greg forgot some of his lines.

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Big Thanks for everyone who put the party together!!!