Boulder River Trail NTD   6/3/2006 
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This was a Everett Mountaineers event with about 55 folks.  Some went to the Eightmile Trail
 (Squire Cr Pass) and some went to the Boulder River trail.  On the Boulder River the three crews
 brushed and retreaded.  Our weather was dry and not hot with no bugs.  The BBQ at the park in
 Darrington was great.

The Boulder River Crew (think this is everyone).  Boulder Falls about 1.6 miles in. 

This project involved bring the trail back up to grade where it was slipping down hill.
We first cleared the organic material.  Then found large rocks for the rock wall.
After the wall was build, filled with smaller rock leveling out before topping with fill.
John, Mat, Kim, Ann, and Forrest worked this project with Mike.
Travis and Penjor helped us an hour before Bridget had another project for them.

This project regraded the trail to eliminate a 3 foot step. No before photo.
Bridget worked Travis and Penjor hard to pretty much finish it.

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