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This was a Everett Mountaineers event with about 55 folks.  Some went to Lost Creek Ridge, some to Old 
Sauk trail and some to Neiderprum (Whitehorse).  On Neiderprum we retreated and build log bypassed.
Out weather was pretty good till around 3 pm, then it started raining (we were luck to miss the thunderstorm). 

Two sections of retread.  This hard going, lots of rock to make digging very hard.
The groups worked hard (should have taken more breaks).  It turned out GREAT!

David and Mike worked this log bypass.  It involved removed most of the Root Wad and 
then retread a past.  When we dug into the Root Wad, we had a 500 lb rock to deal with.
These are a series of progress photos and make note what is left of the Root Wad.