Bath Lakes High Route  7/15-20/2005 
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Reaching the summit of Plummer Mtn late evening.  Early morning to Image Lake from Ladys
 Camp. Image Lake on Miners Ridge.  Image Lake for the pass to the north (Canyon Lk trail).

On the minor summit to the north of Image Lake, and looking at Canyon Lake/Bannock
 Mtn.  Heading up the NW gully of Sitting Bull Mtn.  From the summit of Sitting Bull Mtn.

Looking at all the peaks on the Bath Lake High Route from Sitting Bull Mtn.  Canyon
Lake.  High Point of Stonehenge Ridge (most eastern Pk) with Bannock Mtn and
Bonanza Peak in back.  Our wonderful camp below Stonehenge Ridge.

Traversing the Glacier to the North of Stonehenge Ridge.  The Great Wall peak (take the ramp at
the lower tree on the left).  Steep slope just below the Great Wall Notch.  Sunrise on Glacier Peak.

Getting to drop to Upper Bath Lake.  At Upper Bath Lake.  Pk7080+, the higher point
on Sulphur Mtn ridge.  End of the maintained Sulphur Mtn trail with great wildflowers.