Nordrum Lake (Alpine Lakes)  8/14/2005 
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The weather was great a week before leaving on the Bailey Range trip.  I picked this trip and Ron &
 Suzanne joined.  It was to be a 6-7 hours but it turned out to be 9.5 hours.  Biking was very hard
 on the old road due to the rough trail and steep in places.  It was 13.2 (bike)+ 5 (hike) miles, 3000 gain.

We bike the Taylor River trail that once was a road. Taking a break on the new
Martin Cr bridge.  Arriving at Nordrum Lake and it was very nice.

Resting at the Lake before the arrival.  The fourteen scouts/adults arrived 
at the place we were at (it was the only place).  Large Frog hiding on the trail.