Pemmican Peak -Pk5442 (Mtn Loop)  12/11/2005 
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Getting ready to leave the car at 8:45am.  Up the trail about a mile a timber band that 
goes fine (our decent route), but cliffs above.  Looking down from above the timber band.

Hall Peak from a mile up the trail.  Looking across the valley to Chocwich & Twin
Peaks (just before ready to top out).  The views from ridge absolutely fabulous!

Stillaguamish Peak from the ridge crest.  Dropping to the notch just prior to
Stillaguamish Peak.  Look at Independence Pk, Pk5002 and Blue Grass Butte.

Getting our first good view of the objective, Pemmican Pk.  Making the final
ascent to the summit.  Group shot from the summit w/Stillaguamish Peak (less Jim).