Andrews & Peepsight (Pasaytens)  10/7-10/2006 
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Saturday Morning's Moon over Gardner Mtn.  Fire burn of 2003 in Andrews
Creek (total destruction).  Ptarmigans on N. Andrews Peak.

Rock lake upon arriving.  Rock Lake after Sunday's snow.  Ridge to the
summit of Andrews Peak.  Andrews Peak summit with fresh snowcover.

Crazy Man Pass with beautiful Larches w/weather finally breaking.  Basin below Peepsight Mtn.
Peepsight Pass below the summit of Peepsight.  Van Peak fire burn area.

Looking at Peepsight Lake and Pass on the way to Freds Mtn.  Following the Ridge to Freds Mtn within 
the Van Peak fire burn area.  Summit of Freds Mtn with a large cairn.  Old trail below Peepsight Lake.