Big Bear Mtn (Mtn Loop)  4/23/2006 
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Here is a great photo of the Mountain by Richard, taken a few a days earlier.

Had to do a little road work a mile in.  Big road wash-out (okay to rock hop).
  A little brush on the old road.  Log crossing going in (the return log was much better).

Our first view of Big Bear Mountain. Continuing up the Ridge to find the decent point.
Fay (and Annette) with 3-Fingers. Looking at Puget Sound from the ridge.

Dropping off the ridge (a little steep).  Traversing the basin in soft snow.
The front team kicking steps up the steep gulley to the summit.

Paul just about to reach the summit (his 500th summit).  Most of the group
on the summit block.  Taking our break just below the summit block.

 Mike digging for the register, to no avail.  Looking back to the corniced ridge.
Great view of Liberty Mtn (it looked far away).  The nice return Log crossing of Canyon Cr.

Here are some photos taken by Jeff Rodgers.

I have a new camera, Canon A700.  Half the size and weight
of my old one, 2.5 inch display.  How are the Photos?