Booker Mtn (North Cascades)  7/15-17/2006 
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Approaching Cascade Pass.  Tourists at Cascade Pass.  Doubtful lake.  Booker from Sahale Arm.

Hiking up Sahale Arm.  Camp and Bonanza on Sahale Arm.  Looking at Pelton and Trapper Peaks.

Hozomeen and Jack  Logan Peak.  Stormking and Goode peaks. Ripsaw Ridge-Buckner and Horseshoe basin. 

From below Booker looking back at Horseshoe Basin and Sahale/Boston peaks.
  On the Booker summit.  Chavel and Snowking.  Alpenglow on Bonanza Peak. 

From Camp (broken down) looking the the retreat (the gulley is the last snow-finger on the rib)
Ascending the gulley.  Ascending the technical parts on the rib.  Topping out on the rib. 

Panorama from Bannock to Formidable  peaks.  Agnes is the sharp peak.  Dome is in the center.

Various Wildflowers on Cascade Arm.  The Indian Paintbrush was just below the Summit of Booker.

Deer on the trial few minutes from the parking lot.  Goat at Sahale Camps. Large Black
Bear in Horseshoe Basin.  Ptarmigan Chick on Booker. Marmot sunning on Cascades Arm.

Matt and Mike also did Horseshoe Peak but no photos posted!