Hall Peak (Mtn Loop Area)  5/3/2006 
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The group in the basin getting ready to head up.  Looking at our gulley and route in the scrub trees.
John heading up the gulley.  Our first rope pitch, traverse and then straight up to the big trees.

The forth pitch.  Running belays up on steep snow. Finally up able to 
un-rope and head for the saddle at 5850'.

John arriving at the saddle with Liberty, 3-Fingers & Whitehorse peaks in back, Silverton below.
Heading to the summit of Hall Peak, about 500' gain from the saddle.  Natala in front of Big Four Mtn.

Just about to arrive at the summit.  The group on the summit.  Looking down at Williamson Creek
Spada Lake. Getting ready to do our first rappel at 7:45pm and will did the last rappel in the dark in brush.