Lemah Mtn  8/5-7/2006 
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Mineral Creek crossing.  Alder and brush in the swath.  Upper Park Lake.  Spectacle Lake.

Views from where we dropped to Glacier Lake.  Glacier Lake, Lemah Mtn, Chimney
Rock and Summit Chief.  Spire above Glacier Lake.  Four Brother in reflection.

Arriving at Chikamin Lake. Looking at our route up to the ridge from Chikamin Lake.
Views of Lemah Mtn from the ridge above Chikamin. Lake.  Dropping off the ridge.

Looking up at our scramble to Lemah Mtn (look hard than it was).  Scrambling the rock.  Final 
scramble to the summit above Iceberg Lake.  On the summit w/Overcoat (left) and Chimney Rock.

Looking back a Lemah 2 to 5.  From the saddle above the PCT and HiBox Mtn.
Glacier lake reflections.  Late evening Moon rising above 3-Queens.