Lincoln Peak (Mt Baker)  6/24-25/2006 
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We were able to drive Road 38 to 3700' (end).  On the ridge the brush was thick in a few places.
 When almost out of the clear-cut, the path became defined again.  Views opened up above tree line.

Heading into camp with running water and dry bivy spots.  Views of the Sisters Range were
great form camp.  Even got a visitor (Goats).  We tried Seward but got off route on the N Ridge.

Our Lincoln peak ascent route (gulley to just below the summit left).  Heading up the basin. 
At around 7100' we ran into a Bergschrund problem where we had to rope up to get through.

I did not take any photos from the bottom of the gulley to the summit.  Did take at the top of the
second pitch, third pitch and final pitch (4th).  The last bit was a scramble on solid rock.  Summit.

Another view of Lincoln on the retreat.  Mt Baker with 30+ folks on the mountain in sight
USGS Marker above camp.  Stefan taking a well deserved rest at the Acme Store.