NF Quinault-Skyline  8/19-28/2006 
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New sign at the NF Trailhead. One of many Bridges the first 7 miles.  First Camp at Three Prune and only one 
good site.  Bear swimming due to hot weather.  Beautiful meadow at the head of the SF Kimta Creek.

About a mile before Kimta, the views were super (Valhallas) and many high campsites.  Kimta Peak (scrambled gulley to right).
Olympus from Kimta Peak.  Queets, Meany, Noyes and Mt Seattle from Kimta.  Elk heard on the way to Zindorf.

Mt Zindorf from near Beauty Lake.  Traversing to Zindorf on games trails. Beautiful Beauty Lake.
Camp at Beauty Lake and Valhallas.  Grazing on Blueberries on the way to Seattle Basin.

Seattle Creek crossing before ascending to Seattle Basin.  Heading into camp below Mt Noyes.
 Ascending loose slope of Mt Noyes. On the summit of Noyes w/Zindorf.  Fog in camp at Seattle Basin.

Mt Meany from Noyes (before the clouds moved in).  Meany scramble/climb (Class 4).  Summit block
of Meany.  Falls just before reaching Low Divide.  The Martin Lakes Bear half miles from the Lakes. 

Mt Seattle from big Martin Lake.  Basin below Mt Seattle.  Final scramble to Mt Seattle.
Summit of Mt Seattle (no Register).  Sunset at Martin Lakes.  

Looking down at our Martin Lake camp from Christie.  Mt Christie from Seattle.  Rappelling to the 
Christie glacier.  Traversing the Christie glacier.  On the summit of Mt Christie with Olympus in back.

First good view of Mt Delabarre from a mile away.  Dropping to the Delabarre Glacier.
On the summit of Delabarre with Mt Olympus.  Gorging on more Berries.  The NF river crossing. 

Panorama form Mt Delabarre looking at Mt Anderson area to Muncaster (large file 252KB).  Click for peak names.

Panorama form Mt Christie looking at Olympus, Seattle, Meany and Queets with the Snowfinger at Dodwell-Rixon Pass.