South Hozomeen Peak (N Cascades)  7/1-3/2006 
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WARMING: This trip should only be attempted by folks that can climb loose Class 4 un-roped!

Our first good view of the N Pk from Hozomeen Lake.  Scrambling the Gully at 
5000 feet looking down and up (it's loose).  Below the Saddle and the bare slabs 

Scrambling to the Saddle on Class 4 terrain.  There is a ledge that traverses to the 
Saddle. Views from the Knoll above the Saddle of Jack-Desolation and Ross Lake.

View of the South Pk from the Knoll.  Scrambling off the Knoll (Class 4).
Dropping from the Knoll and traversing to the next rib.

Looking at the SW ridge and wondering how it will scramble.  The rock was loose
and has the go right, left, right to reach the ridge.  Scrambling the ridge (Class 4).

The 5.6 section was a bit of a problem but we got it.  Reaching the summit, which is not climbed often. 

The views of the surrounding mountains were grand.  Redoubt/Spickard/Moxes and N. Hozomeen.

Looking to the east in the dry Pasayten's was prominent Castle Mtn.  Rappelling the 5.6 section.
Rappelling the loose face below the ridge (2 rappels). After a swim and washed-up, looking at Mt. Reabrun.

View of the Hozomeen's from Desolation LO.